Weight Loss Drugs

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Is Meridia safe?

Weight Loss Drugs

Be very careful about taking weight loss drugs, even prescription drugs. They tend to have a lot of side effects and the weight loss you get, compared to sensible exercise plans, is small. If you are taking such drugs, ask your doctor if you can try another approach.



6/26/2008 10:53:23 AM
prncess63 said:

I agree. I am totally against weight loss pills. Most of them contain some sort of stimulate that can be addictive and harmful. A really good vitamin or vitapak is best along with good eating habits and a good exercise routine. I lost weighed over 200lbs, and now weigh 135lbs and lost weight by eating more sensibly and working out regularly. It did not happen over night, but, with persistence it did work. No surgery; no pills; no crazy diet. Just eating sensibly, exercising regularly and a good vitapak! And, lost it all after turning 40!!! So, I recommend lots of patience and persistence rather than a quick fix with pills!


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