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How do I compete in racewalking?


Are you ready for the competition? Let's get it on! This is not your grandmother's fitness walking--unless Grandma is a triathlete!

Formal racewalking competitions are judged. The judge will warn you, and can disqualify you for breaking either of the rules (see Rules tip). You have to wear shorts so the judge can see your knees. Judges are helpful before and after the race, but tend to be tough on enforcing rules.

If you don't want to do racewalking competitions, you can enter most any 5K or 10K or longer road race and racewalk it. You will pass most of the power walkers and some of the people who are running and walking for exercise.

If there is a racewalking division, don't check that off unless you will use racewalking technique throughout. And if there is a walking division with prizes, don't enter that if you are going to run any part of the race.



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