How Many Sessions

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How many sessions do I have to take with a personal trainer?

How Many Sessions

You can see a personal trainer regularly for years, or you can take a few sessions and then work out on your own, perhaps seeing the trainer for a checkup every few weeks.

It is often worthwhile to book just a couple of sessions to make sure you're using the equipment correctly. It's customary for personal trainers to sell packages, often 10-12 sessions, at a reduced rate. These usually have to be taken in a certain time period and are paid for up front. Trainers who are club employees are bound by club rules, but those who are independent are more flexible. You may have to shop for a trainer you like who offers a deal you like. Don't be pushed into something that's too long or too expensive for comfort. You may not be able to get your money back.



3/9/2007 5:15:14 AM
Lyna said:

Good tip. I especially agree with the point of not letting yourself get pushed into something.
My son was pressured into training and nutritional counselling (which was extremely inappropriate - he was put on a low carb diet and at 21 years of age, weighs only 110 lbs!) The point is that they are sometimes under pressure by the facility they work at to SELL and are very good at it...making you believe that this is part of the gym package. After all "you want results, don't you?" I say, NEVER sign anything until you're sure. Tell the service pusher that you will take the info home and get back to them. Stay in the driver's seat. It's your money and your body & goals that matter at the end of the day.


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