Balance Training

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How can I improve my balance?

Balance Training

Falling can be dangerous for older people, and fear of falling can cause people to restrict their activities. Strength training can help prevent falls. Tai chi and some yoga can improve balance, and there are also specific balance exercises, some using exercise balls. Exercise training is specific so you have to do balance training on your feet. Chair exercises won't do it.



7/20/2007 8:47:32 AM
Nancy said:

Thank you - looking forward to details as i'm recovering from broken hip and balance is paramount. Thank you.

9/25/2008 7:40:02 PM
jd said:

would be nice to have an actual suggestion for movement to achieve or improve balance

1/5/2009 10:00:40 AM
Nicholas said:

Stand on one foot. This will improve your balance. Also, most balance comes from your bodies ability to activate your 'core' musculature (abdomen, low back, glutes), so do your best to strengthen that. If you exercise in a gym, try and do most of your workout on one foot, or with one arm (switching back and forth of course, always stressing the arm/leg that is performing worse more than the stronger one). Read my post on 'Anatomical Neutral Posture' in my Blog/Workout section for more on great ways to improve posture, and in turn core strength and balance.

6/21/2011 12:05:10 AM
JJJ said:

I had a fall and knocked myself unconsious, had 3 headscans but they found nothing wrong, I feel really well except when I am walking, can stand still forever.but still feel as tho' I am slightly drunk


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