Creatine Usage

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When should I take creatine?

Creatine Usage

Another for the list of don'ts if you're a teenager. Don't take a creatine sports nutrition supplement if you are under 16, since you body has plenty of creatine at this stage anyway. If you are a competitive athlete between 16 and 18, take it only under a doctor's supervision and prescribed sports nutrition diet.

If you are a healthy adult (free of liver, kidney, or metabolic problems) who has reached a plateau in training, and your doctor approves, and you want to try creatine monohydrate, do not exceed recommended sports nutrition dosages. Expect weight gain, and be careful of overtraining injuries if you suddenly feel stronger. Taking more creatine supplements than recommended will not help and may hurt.

Also, always drink a lot of water when you're taking creatine. Take it with a carbohydrate source, like grape juice, or in a balanced pH mix, which is much better. In your sports nutrition diet, cycle off creatine during off season or periods of lighter training.



4/30/2007 6:16:35 AM
James said:

Be careful with this one. The long term effects of higher levels of creatine in the body still aren't understood very well. Be sure to cycle off of it regularly (and be ready for the weights to seem a lot heavier when you do!).


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