Paying Rent on Your Body

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How do I stay motivated to exercise?

Paying Rent on Your Body

The benefits of exercise will show up in the future, while the inconvenience and hard work are felt in the present moment. Because of this delay in reaping the rewards of exercise, it can be tough to stay motivated.

A good way to think about it is to picture the labor of exercise as being rent that you pay for the privilege of occupying your body. You pay rent (or mortgage, or property tax) for the right to keep living in your home, and this seems normal. Using the same logic, you can't expect to keep living in your body for free.

What your body demands in payment, though, isn't measured in dollars. Instead, your body insists on the direct labor of fitness and exercise. If you ignore this rent demand from your body for too long, you will be given an eviction notice much earlier than your lease would have naturally expired!



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