Blood-Flow Workout

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Blood-Flow Workout

For those of you trying to begin an exercise program, beginning as either obese or over the age of 50, may want to consider doing a routine like this a few times a week. The benefit of blood flow is that it helps to keep your heart functioning well and trains it to pump well during exercise, which then translates into real life and promotes better heart health. Here we go...

Essentially, you will workout your upper body, then your lower body. An example would be performing a Bench Press (for your chest) at 2-4 sets of 10-15 reps, and then moving into a Squat at 2-4 sets at 12-20 reps. What will happen is that initially the blood will flow mainly to your torso, because you will be exercising your chest, shoulders and arms. Then when you move into the Squat, the blood will then flow down to your lower body.

By continuing to do different exercises, alternating between upper and lower body, your heart will be pumping blood very well to your whole body. Maybe do 3-4 exercises for each part ( meaning of your upper and lower body ) This will increase the 'strength' of your heart, promoting overall wellness for your body. Remember though, don't do the same exercises each time you go, but switch things up.



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