Mid-Life Weight Gain / 'Creeping Obesity'

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Mid-Life Weight Gain / 'Creeping Obesity'

Many people during their 'mid-life' years experience slow and steady weight gain. This generally comes when least expected, but takes a good few years for the full effects to set it; weight gain. This is actually referred to as 'Creeping Obesity', in which you gain weight slowly over a longer period of time (few years), and all of a sudden realize what's happened not truly recognizing the root cause. Well, that's what i'm about to share.

If there were 4 keywords to exercise, they would be "Eat Less, Move More" (i think i've said this before). When you do the exact opposite (Move Less, Eat More), that's where Creeping Obesity comes from. It is due to people not realizing the fact that they are eating just slightly too much, and not exercising at all or just not enough. With this pattern, it could take you a whole month to gain a pound. But compound that over a few years and one could gain 30-40 pounds...probably not what anyone wants. How do we stop it? Rock the 4 keywords.

One of my clients lost 80 pounds while I worked with her. It took her over a year, but she did it. Often she would get frustrated at why the weight wouldn't come off faster; I would ask "Well, how long did it take to get on?" She fell into Creeping Obesity, and it took her several years before she realized what was happening. Since it was several years, it only made sense that it would take a while to come off. That's why she got my help, and thankfully I was able to encourage her and help her meet her goals.

Don't slack off as you age with your bodies; exercise and eat properly instead. If you " Eat Less (and) Move More", you'll be on a good track to continued great physical fitness and good health.



1/1/2009 5:47:55 PM
Amanda said:

I have no idea if this is a normal thing but I have found that since i turned about 22 ( I am 27 now) I just keep gaining weight. I have been checked for thyroid disease and have been told by my doctors I must have a really slow metabolism. I also should add everyone in my family is very thin except for me. Is this normal for a female my age to continually gain more and more weight as each year passes?

1/1/2009 6:05:14 PM
KC said:

But why is it so hard to do????

1/2/2009 10:16:38 AM
Nicholas said:

The hard part about being an 'Online Exercise Guru' is that I wish I could help all of you personally with your questions. The nice part though is that I can be brutally honest in what I think is the true cause of the problem. Don't be offended, it's just what I have seen over and over again.
First off, thyroid disease affects an extremely few people, yet when women can't lose weight that is one of the first things they blame it on. You don't have thyroid disease unless a doctor tells you that you do. Truth is you over-eat, over-drink and over-snack while not exercising enough. That's honestly what it is. You may even be saying "But I don't over-eat/drink, and I exercise a bunch!", and the problem is that YOU don't realize it. Look at my post on 'Aging and your Metabolism', which explains in more detail about what 'slow metabolism' really is.
The truth is that if the goal is to stay in shape, one really needs to exercise a bare-minimum of 3 times a week, where 4-5x would be much better. At the end of the workout you better be sweating a good amount too. Also, eat less and make sure sweets/alcohol/breads/cheeses/etc are cut down big time! A great idea is to write down literally everything you eat/drink/snack on in a small journal, along with when/how long you exercise. Then you will truly see how much you consume and/or how little you exercise.
You can do it, but it takes commitment. Trying to find a coach/personal trainer may be a very good approach. Good luck!

6/18/2009 4:24:21 PM
chris said:

So if one is exercising regularly and watching what one eats, theoretically, one should stay the same, however, since i've stopped training for the 5K my brother talked me into doing, I've noticed it is much harder to keep weight off. Is it a metabolism change thing or not?

1/19/2015 10:01:49 AM
Pat said:

I went from 273lbs to 173lbs by just food portioning and totally cutting out sugar, bread, alcohol. Did it in 4 months with no exercise at all. Every one thought I was nuts including my personal doctor who monitor my labs monthly including urin testing without any problems. I did closely monitored my protein intake which I think is critical during the weight lost. I have learn 3 very important things during the proccess. Eat with your stomach not with your head, the life changes are permanent not temporary and lose 1 lbs not 50. I think people need to accept these very important points before they start this incredible painfull but very rewarding journey. I am 65 years old and it almost cust me a divorce, I think you know the rest of why. My question is, I am having a hard time developing an on going exercise and eating program, I am in excellent Heath my bmi is 22.5 now


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