Weights in the Weight Room

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Weights in the Weight Room

When deciding on which gym to join, take a tour of the gym and pay special attention to the weight area(s). Look to see if there are loose weights (plates, barbells and/or free weights) on the floor. If there are, not only does it mean that nobody cleans up after themselves when they do their individual workouts, but the gym employees do not clean up the weight area either. Not only does it look messy, this is turn usually means that the weight area, in all of its sweat and stinky glory, rarely gets cleaned. Your chance or getting pink-eye or ringworm is that much higher, Hoo-Ray! I don't know about you, but that is not something that I look for in a gym. Find the more organized/cleaner gyms and join there, which will lower your chance of getting odd gym illnesses.



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