Cautions with Sit-ups

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Are sit-ups or crunches harmful?

Cautions with Sit-ups

Full sit-ups can be a problem because the hip flexors attach to the lower spine, so doing a lot of sit-ups can cause or worsen low back pain. This is why crunches, which engage the abdominals but do not involve the hip flexors, are usually recommended. Crunches are safe for most people, but you should never do any exercise that causes pain.



8/14/2007 7:34:36 AM
Kelli said:

And here I thought it was just me! Thank you for letting me know the reason why I had to lay on the couch for 2 weeks after having done 30 sit-ups in my feeble attempt to start exercising.

8/14/2007 10:50:28 AM
mindy said:

Fabulous tip! I have lower back pain and neck pain. I knew about protecting your neck with sit-ups, but didn't know the tie-in with lower back pain. Now I do thanks to your tip!

6/2/2011 4:00:28 AM
Mahala said:

Good to know, really. Because I hate it when in sport people make you do things that arent really good for you and it hurts then they just say that you are week.

12/26/2011 7:43:03 PM
kenal said:

Thats awesome news.


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