Wheelchair Exercise

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Thanks for the great tips, but I'm in a wheelchair. What tips do you have for me?

Wheelchair Exercise

If you have use of your upper body, there are a number of exercises you can do in a wheelchair. (If you can't use your arms, check with a physical therapist for exercise you can do.) You can do a lot with elastic exercise bands. There are usually exercises shown on the package the bands come in, including exercises for the chest, back, and arms. You can get some dumbbells and do arm and shoulder exercises with those. Do about 15 repetitions of each exercise and go quickly from one to the next to get cardio benefit as well as strength. Here are a couple you can do without equipment to get started. Suck your stomach in and hold for a couple of seconds. Relax and repeat. Bend your arms in front of your chest and put your hands together and push. Release and repeat. Push down on the arms of your chair for a second, relax and repeat. Do 6 or 8 repetitions of each. Don't hold your breath!



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