Massage for Baseball Players

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How can massage treatments could help baseball players?

Massage for Baseball Players

Many athletes find that massage helps them relax and loosens their muscles. Baseball players do a lot of sprinting, changing direction, and quick throwing, which can stress the joints and tighten the muscles. Along with a good stretching program, massage can help retain or improve range of motion. Some players will feel that massage helps more than others do. It's important to find a massage therapist trained in sports massage.



8/19/2007 9:24:18 AM
T said:

I'm not a baseball player, but I can attest to the benefits of massage therapy. As an avid runner and cyclist, my leg and lower back muscles can become extremely tight despite regular stretching. Massage helps to stretch my muscles more deeply, improve my range of motion, and decrease muscle soreness. Without massage therapy, I end up sidelined with pain and overuse injuries.


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