Walking or Running to Burn Fat

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Is it better to run or walk if you're attempting to lose weight fast?

Walking or Running to Burn Fat

You can burn fat and calories by either walking or running. In general, how much depends on how far you go, and running the same distance takes less time than walking. Still, if you prefer to walk, do that and just go for a longer time. To get much weight loss, you should walk or run at least three miles most days. You can get better results by combining your exercise with a little calorie reduction. Cutting out some junk food like a soda or doughnut every day works great, and the cardio exercise is especially good for burning fat in the stomach area. You don't have to do your walking all at once. You can do 20 minutes or so twice a day if you want.



10/8/2006 10:06:51 PM
K.T. said:

This is true... As an exercise and wellness major I can attest to this. The longer your workouts are, the more fat you are likely to burn. Carbs and glucose are great for fueling high-intensity, shorter workouts. For longer work-outs (ex. 20+ min) fat becomes the primary source of fuel being used for energy. Just a thought!

3/10/2008 8:26:03 AM
Rachel said:

I have a B.S. in Exercise Science, and I know that while this exercise tip is along the right track, it is not completely true. Studies conducted by ACSM have found that fat loss depends on time and intensity of the workout, not distance. The longer your work out at moderate intensity the more fat you'll burn, regardless of distance (a workout walking two miles uphill will burn more fat calories than walking flat the same distance and speed).

The comment about 'burning fat in the stomach area' is also erroneous. Cardio exercise cannot target fat in a specific area. This is called spot reducing- a FALSE theory that, by working a specific muscle group, you can burn fat in that area. You cannot do a bunch of crunches and lose your belly fat, for example. Cardio exercise instead decreases body fat throughout the entire body, leading to all-over fat loss.

Here's a weight loss tip- one pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, which works out to 500 calories per day. Burn an extra 250 calories through exercise and cut out 250 calories from your diet every day, and you should see fat loss of a pound per week.

7/24/2009 3:26:08 AM
May said:

Thanks Rachel and K.T! Great tips!


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