May 8, 2009, Newsletter Issue #376: Push-Up with Rotation

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Oh!  I am referring back to an exercise that I posted previously!  Go back and review the 'Push-Up' blog post, and then refer back here to understand Push-Ups with Rotation.
Push-Ups are hard, and adding rotation makes them even harder.  You're probably wondering, "What is that Nick?"...good question.  A Push-Up with Rotation is where you perform the PUsh-Up motion, and then at the top of the motion you rotate your body to one side and lift the opposite arm off the ground pointing it straight up in the air.  Here is how it would work:
Start with arms straight and hands flat and spread out directly beneath the shoulder, meaning that ones head should be past their hands on the floor.  Draw in your belly button slightly and lightly contract your gluteus muscles (butt) while making sure feet are hip-width apart.  Slowly bend elbows keeping them close to the body, leading with the chest and ensuring the abdomen stays steady and does not allow the lower back to slouch.  Stop once arms are bent at 90 degrees while not allowing the head to shoot forward, pause for a moment then push back up with arms still close to body and not arching the lower back or bringing the head forward.  Once ascending back up, rotate to one side and bring the opposite arm off the ground aiming it straight towards the ceiling while extending the opposite arm straight.  Hold with body perfectly perpendicular to floor, then slowly bring arm back down to beginning push-up position.  Perform as many reps as desired.
This exercise is made more difficult as one hold the arm up in the air longer.  You will feel the entirety of the arm that is holding you up become mightily stressed, which will give you a great workout for the entire arm, shoulder chest and back.  Oh yes even the back, for since you are stabilizing your back muscles will have to join the workout party.  After every 2 or 4 reps check your posture, for it is easy to get out of alignment with all the rotation going on.  Though this is mainly a workout for your chest, this is a great 'total body' exercise.  This is a very difficult exercise, so for those beginning with this may instead just want to do the rotation part (starting from beginning Push-Up posture) and stay away from the Push-Up portion until they get used to rotating. 

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