Women's Muscles

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Will weight training give a woman big muscles?

Women's Muscles

Strong women really do stay young...with strength training. Women build up their muscles in response to weight training, but it is usually seen in the form of firmness and muscle definition. Very few women can build huge, bulging muscles through a weight training routine, even if they want to. They don't have the right hormones. But they'll increase their health and fitness levels, and look younger!



12/26/2007 3:06:34 PM
Jess said:

I think that this paragraph is so true

1/20/2009 7:06:09 PM
allie said:

Womens Muscles.
With this strength training tip women have been able to stay and look younger. With weight training women build up their muscles. The muscle build is mostly seen in firmness and muscle tone or definition. Very few women can build huge, bulging muscles. More then most women can not build huge muscles due to the incorrect hormones for building muscle tone. Weight training helps increase fitness levels, health and at the same time keeps women looking younger!


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